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    Archaeological Crayons & Paraphrasing

    What is the article about? This article is about archeologist finding something similar to a crayon. They believe it is a crayon because of the way its carved to have a pointy end.                                                                    What is interesting or problematic about the article? Its very interesting because I’ve always wondered what early man used to draw on the walls of caves. We’ve always seen the drawings but never the instrument used. What question does the article inspire? What other…

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    Conventions of The Book and Blog Genre

                                                                                                            Book  Centered title page Title: Subtitle Lines delineate title Lots of Space Publisher info at bottom Authors center/ editors Black and white Linguistic Text Specific Lexicon Chapter name and author on each page.                                                                                             Blog Colorful Whimsical font Author Presence Image Links are Rhetorical Constantly Updated Posts Pages/Menus