Conventions of The Book and Blog Genre


  •  Centered title page
  • Title: Subtitle
  • Lines delineate title
  • Lots of Space
  • Publisher info at bottom
  • Authors center/ editors
  • Black and white
  • Linguistic Text
  • Specific Lexicon
  • Chapter name and author on each page.


  • Colorful
  • Whimsical font
  • Author Presence
  • Image
  • Links are Rhetorical
  • Constantly Updated Posts
  • Pages/Menus

One Comment

  • Mrs. A

    Good. If “blogging” is a category on the site, the implication is there will be more posts about blogging. Anytime you put the course concepts into conversation with the topic of “blogging,” that’s a post with this category as metadata (and points!)… Nice.

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