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    Pink Hats and Modality

    (Demonstrators protest on the National Mall in Washington, DC, for the Women’s march on January 21, 2017. Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / AFP/Getty Images)   This Post concerns the analysis of the women’s march in the article “Pink ‘Pussyhat’ Creator Addresses Criticism Over Name”  through the eyes of the primary text “What are Multimodal projects?” from ArolaSheppardBall. The two texts are polar opposites. The ArolaSheppardBall piece is a very specific academic work concerning the use of multimodality and different forms of modality. Whereas the article concerning the women’s march is from a news source, and the article concerns the use of various opinions from different demographics. Because these two works are so…

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    Archaeological Crayons & Paraphrasing

    What is the article about? This article is about archeologist finding something similar to a crayon. They believe it is a crayon because of the way its carved to have a pointy end.                                                                    What is interesting or problematic about the article? Its very interesting because I’ve always wondered what early man used to draw on the walls of caves. We’ve always seen the drawings but never the instrument used. What question does the article inspire? What other…