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    Thick Description of Thick Panel

    The panel is 6×3, which is the usual size of a panel at The Names project. Located on the upper left corner of it’s block. It is positioned vertically, and laid out like a banner.  It’s block number is 5959. This Block is new and hasn’t even been put in the system yet. Just like a banner is has symbols on it, each part representing a piece of the person the panel is about. The name RENARD is in big bold letters between to dates signifying the year and date of birth and of death. Each symbol is divided by a cross covered in a cow like print. The print…

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    Primary and Secondary Source

    What is “primary Source”? “original source”, “first hand” Data authors generate themselves ( looking up information and finding correlations) What is a “secondary source”? Using someone else’s data it depends on how the researcher is using the source… Objective Language (Primary source description) Use “It looks like”. “It appears as though.” Photo in gray scale Blonde Female that looks to be in her thirties looks at something out of frame Picture is set in restaurant multiply coffee cups with the restaurants logo on it  are stacked on a shelf next to a joke urn that states “ashes of troubled customers” The theme of humorous items continues as you can see…