Activity 2 Research Question part 2

What is the Relationship between club culture embodied in the quilt and the HIV/AIDS epidemic?

Buckland, Fiona. Impossible dance: Club culture and queer world-making. Wesleyan University Press, 2002.

End Citation: The author Fiona Buckland is a researcher from Wesleyan University and discusses in the book the “improvised social dancing in queer clubs.” (Buckland 2) Buckland provides a multitude of bibliographies from people immersed in the club culture. This source was created to inform the general public of the under exposed side of queer clubs and the dancing involved there. This book would mostly interest those keen to learn more about queer club culture. Queer activists might find this information useful to help them develop their platform.


I believe this source would be useful because it is filled with biographical information that could help me understand club culture, and by understanding it I can get a more insightful view of the people involved in this culture and compare and analyze its relation to the HIV epidemic. The source also mentions HIV culture in it along with club culture, establishing it as a useful source.


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