Hypothesis (Activity One)

  1. Family life and culture make a surprisingly large impact on how HIV is handled among the populace.

2. Belief and Tradition play a large part in how people react to HIV and affect the epidemic in unforeseen ways.

3. The family life of a person infected with HIV makes a major impact on the community around it.

Activity One part Two

  1. How do family life and culture relate to HIV/AIDS epidemic?, What is the impact of family life and culture on HIV? How does this impact affect the populace? Why is this impact surprising?
  2. What are the unforeseen ways the epidemic affects how people react to HIV? Why would belief and tradition affect the HIV epidemic? How does the way people react to HIV affect the epidemic itself?
  3. How does someone affected with HIV impact their family? How does the impact on their family affect their community? What is the major impact on the community?

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