Renard the Fox

Curry.S (2004,October 20). SACHSENHAUSEN MEMORIAL AND MUSEUM. Retrieved from

Have there been boy scout troop leaders that were fired because they were gay or had AIDS?

Does his nickname have anything to do with his struggle with AIDS?

How has a pink upside down triangle been used as a symbol for the gay struggle?

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King, Joseph H. Jr. “The Misbegotten Libel-Proof Plaintiff Doctrine and the Gordian Knot Syndrome,” Hofstra Law Review vol. 29, no. 2 (Winter 2000): p. 343-400.

“Boy scouts of America vs Dale” is the reason why the state cannot give its imprimatur to same-sex relationships or protect the coming out speech employees tenants or scout masters.”(King.J, 2000)

It is interesting because it has been used in numerous anti gay initiatives in Oregon.

Heger, Heinz. The men with the pink triangle: The true, life-and-death story of homosexuals in the Nazi death camps. ReadHowYouWant. com, 2010.

“In 1945 , at the time of liberation, it was common knowledge among the allied forces that gay men had been prisoners in the concentration camps, and they had been marked with a pink triangle.”(Heger, 2010)

This is interesting because it answers my question about my quilt and gives a bigger insight into the person its about.



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  • Mrs. A

    Might this panel embody a message about the relationship between the Boy Scouts and other youth organizations and the HIV/AIDS epidemic? That would be the kind of broader relationship we’re seeking to investigate…

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