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Archaeological Crayons & Paraphrasing

What is the article about?

  • This article is about archeologist finding something similar to a crayon. They believe it is a crayon because of the way its carved to have a pointy end.                                                                    What is interesting or problematic about the article?
  • Its very interesting because I’ve always wondered what early man used to draw on the walls of caves. We’ve always seen the drawings but never the instrument used.

What question does the article inspire?

  • What other instruments did early man use to draw and write?  How literate were these people?

What does the metadeta do?

  • It organizes the post into subcategories.
  • Tells you what other ideas are in the post.


  • Culture is more than just a material thing. It can take many shapes of the attributes of said culture it illustrates.


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