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    Beliefs and HIV/AIDS(a look at America)

    Previous Page: South Africa and HIV/AIDS HIV/AIDS in the United States This post mentions the impact of HIV/AIDS on organized religion and vice versa. This post is about the different interpretations of the HIV/AIDS epidemic based off the different organized religions, particularly in America. These next passages are focused on the response by Catholics and Jews to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the eighties. Catholics Reaction   Noonan J of the Harvard University press declares that “The association between homosexuality and infection has complicated the response of many religious people. For one major denomination, Roman Catholicism, the reaction to AIDS has also been complicated by its condemnation as sinful the use…

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    South Africa and HIV/AIDS

    Previous Page: Africa and HIV/AIDS Healers in Limpopo Province, South Africa This post is regarding Traditional Healers in South Africa. I will discuss how South Africans belief in traditional healers impacts the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Most of these areas in South Africa are rural and under resourced. These traditional health practitioners make up the only health care in these areas. According to Dr. Green writer in the journal of alternative and complimentary medicine,”There is a wealth of published reports on contributing factors which are thought to motivate and influence patient to seek services of a THPs. These include traditional beliefs, presenting symptoms, perceived source of the illness, social acceptability, easy access,…

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    Renard the Fox

    Have there been boy scout troop leaders that were fired because they were gay or had AIDS? Does his nickname have anything to do with his struggle with AIDS? How has a pink upside down triangle been used as a symbol for the gay struggle? Keyword search terms Boy scouts of america,AIDS, pink triangle, foxes Notes for AB King, Joseph H. Jr. “The Misbegotten Libel-Proof Plaintiff Doctrine and the Gordian Knot Syndrome,” Hofstra Law Review vol. 29, no. 2 (Winter 2000): p. 343-400. “Boy scouts of America vs Dale” is the reason why the state cannot give its imprimatur to same-sex relationships or protect the coming out speech employees tenants…