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    Introduction This post concerns my research into the relation between subculture and the HIV epidemic. Through this research I will learn about deeper connections between artifacts and the culture all around us. By finding these deeper connections this research will uncover the true meaning of the different cultures our materialistic world embodies, finding connections we wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. These connections found in the sources will bond together to form a bigger picture and therefore a better understanding of the HIV epidemic, and the subculture it embodies. Source 1 Research Question: What is the relationship between club culture embodied  in the quilt and the HIV/AIDS epidemic? Source Used: Buckland, Fiona. Impossible…

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    This post is regarding the AIDS quilt found at the NAMES project. This post is about my research into the relation between subculture and the HIV epidemic. Each question is related to an item on my chosen quilt panel. My research concerns the use of the quilt as a primary source. This primary source is analyzed and different subcultures are discovered within. These subcultures are then researched in the form of a research question via variable sources. These are those sources. Source 1 Source Used: Heger, Heinz. The men with the pink triangle: The true, life-and-death story of homosexuals in the Nazi death camps. 2010. Research Question: How has a pink upside…