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    All good things have a sequel (PSD #2)

    Introduction This post is regarding the use of an artifact to further my research into the culture of the HIV epidemic, through the use of detailed description of a panel from the NAMES project. Through this description I will further my understanding of the concept of culture and build branches to a deeper insight of the objects really mean. This description is the back of the panel I previously did, so similarities are unavoidable, if you’d like to read my description of the front the click this link. About the Quilt The dimension of this panel is like most at the NAMES project, which is 6×3. This panel is located in…

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    Anxiously Annotated

    This post is regarding the AIDS quilt found at the NAMES project. This post is about my research into the relation between subculture and the HIV epidemic. Each question is related to an item on my chosen quilt panel. My research concerns the use of the quilt as a primary source. This primary source is analyzed and different subcultures are discovered within. These subcultures are then researched in the form of a research question via variable sources. These are those sources. Source 1 Source Used: Heger, Heinz. The men with the pink triangle: The true, life-and-death story of homosexuals in the Nazi death camps. 2010. Research Question: How has a pink upside…

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    Renard the Fox

    Have there been boy scout troop leaders that were fired because they were gay or had AIDS? Does his nickname have anything to do with his struggle with AIDS? How has a pink upside down triangle been used as a symbol for the gay struggle? Keyword search terms Boy scouts of america,AIDS, pink triangle, foxes Notes for AB King, Joseph H. Jr. “The Misbegotten Libel-Proof Plaintiff Doctrine and the Gordian Knot Syndrome,” Hofstra Law Review vol. 29, no. 2 (Winter 2000): p. 343-400. “Boy scouts of America vs Dale” is the reason why the state cannot give its imprimatur to same-sex relationships or protect the coming out speech employees tenants…