• Final Analysis

    Globalization of Family Identity and HIV/AIDS

          My Research so Far This post is one of many that describes the use of a quilt panel from the Names project to gain a deeper analytical understanding of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The first thing I did to research and better understand the panel was through  the use of  primary source descriptions of the front and back of the panel. The second part of my research into this panel involved the use of my first and second annotated bibliographies. All of these activities have led to this one, our final analysis. This analysis is used to discover a deeper connection between the HIV/AIDS epidemic and a subculture embodied…

  • Classwork

    Bibliographic Importance (Activity 2)

    Source Used Matshidze, P. & Mashamba, T. “Challenges faced by a South African royal family in preventing the spread of HIV.” African Journal for Physical, Health Education, Recreation and Dance, December 2015 (Supplement 1:1), 11-21. Introduction to Passage The passage I’m quoting is the author recounting on an interview with one of the wives in a south African royal family, discussing the impact of family tradition in tribal setting leading to the spread of HIV/AIDS. Passage Discussed “Participants’ concern has been observed by Izama (2003) who states that ‘if one partner becomes infected with HIV, the man would distribute the infection to all wives in the polygamous marriage.'(Matshidze,Mashamba 5).” About…