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All good things have a sequel (PSD #2)


This post is regarding the use of an artifact to further my research into the culture of the HIV epidemic, through the use of detailed description of a panel from the NAMES project. Through this description I will further my understanding of the concept of culture and build branches to a deeper insight of the objects really mean. This description is the back of the panel I previously did, so similarities are unavoidable, if you’d like to read my description of the front the click this link.

About the Quilt

The dimension of this panel is like most at the NAMES project, which is 6×3. This panel is located in the upper left corner of block 5959. The panel has been sewn into the border of the quilt, and makes up the edge. The dimensions are 12×12 feet, and it is laid vertically. You won’t find any other panels in this block with a back. So the back part of this panel resides by itself on the back of a mauve colored canvas material used to connect the panels. This panel consisting of a front and back isn’t the only unique thing about this panel. The back consists of a multitude of pictures, which is very uncommon for most panels. You’ll find this panel sewn in a double stitch pattern in the same shape and size as the front portion of the panel. This panel also has similar colors to the front, with the addition of dots made of different shades of orange.

My description will be addressed top to bottom. Each description will consist of a detailed description of the pictures, and the other artifacts used on the back of the panel.

   The Griffin

The griffin’s position on the quilt is on a long black sash housing the griffin just above an Amethyst jewel.The black sash is soft to the touch but firm like the touch of suede. The sash is sewn in a cross stitch pattern with a burnt orange thread, parallel to a thread sewn in the same style that is of a tangerine color. The fabric this sash is sewn into is that of a canary yellow with a multitude of dots baring an arrangement of different shades of orange. From that of a burnt orange, to a tangerine orange. The griffin lies near the bottom of the sash, the upper portion will be discussed in the next section. The griffin itself is stitched in the style of needle point. The fur of the griffin is made up of a tan color, and a grey sidewalk colored thread. The fur has patches of orange that are outlined in a black thread The griffins beak is that of a sunshine yellow. The wings are outlined in black and mostly burnt orange with layers of sunshine yellow stitched above the black. The tail has a similar color arrangement and layers of orange outlined in black with sunshine yellow above the black.

The amethyst is positioned just below the griffin. The fake gem is hard to the touch with a plastic feel to it. Unlike most things on the panel it is glued on. The shade of purple is light, creating an almost translucent affect.

The Gargoyle
The gargoyle is located on the upper portion of the sash, perpendicular to the griffin. The gargoyle is also positioned above an amethyst. The gargoyle is shown looking to the left of the panel with its right arm up and its right palm on its face. The gargoyle is made predominantly of a concrete gray, with shades of elephant gray, and highlights of white. The gargoyle is rough to the touch, indicating the closely knit thread that went into making it. The amethyst underneath is similar to that of the one under the griffin. Although smaller than the amethyst under the griffin, it is just as hard to the touch, and just as translucent.

The black sash the gargoyle is connected to is that of a midnight black. The sash is soft and made of sturdy material. The surrounding material is a cotton based fabric, made up of a throng of different shades of orange. The shades range from canary yellow, to burnt orange.



One of the photographs on this side of the quilt is of a man next to a blue sign with a capital letter C, and the name Christopher under it in all white. The person in the photograph is a Caucasian male with a beard, dressed in all black. He is wearing a black kangol hat, long black coat and grey gloves. The man in the picture is seen touching the wall that the aforementioned sign with the name Christopher is on. He is touching the wall and looking straight into the camera and smiling. The wall that he is touching and that the sign is hung on is a dark, egg shell white, with darkened grout. 

The picture is bordered in a ruby red rope with gold threaded within the coils. The frame of the whole picture is a rectangle perfectly equidistant from the picture and the rope that surrounds it. The frame is that of a canary yellow with dots of differing shades of orange. The picture also has a bubblegum pink sash on it. The sash has the words Eureka in big capital black letters. At the edges of these letters there are black filigree marks. The sash is bordered in the same red and gold rope as the rest of the picture.


                                                  My Brother

Another photograph on the quilt is one of a man sitting in a chair. The man in the chair is a Caucasian male with a black beard. He has his fingers clasped together and on top of his legs. The man in the picture is wearing a black kangol hat, and dark sunglasses. He is covered in a black and white checkered print blanket, and wearing a bathrobe with stripes of different shades of grey on them. The picture is taken next to a window with black blinds, and next to it is a dark green tarp.

The picture is bordered in the same ruby red rope and golden string as the other pictures. The salmon pink sash in front of the picture is labeled my brother in all lower case letters. The sash has black filigree marks next to the letters. The frame of the picture is that of a sanguine red color with black blotches all over it.




Blood Suckers


The photograph next to the previous one is that of three people looking at the camera. The person in the upper left part of the picture is caucasian male with glasses with a white shirt. He has white plastic vampire teeth in his mouth and appears to be leaning into frame. The person to his right is a Caucasian female wearing glasses and a black track jacket. She has white plastic vampire teeth in her mouth in the picture and her left arm is on the left shoulder of the man below her in the picture. The third person in the picture isn’t in frame as much as the other two people. The third person is a caucasian male with a black mustache. He also has plastic white vampire teeth in his mouth and is wearing a white shirt.

A bubblegum pink sash is seen underneath the picture with the words blood suckers in old English font. The picture is bordered in a red ruby rope with golden thread coiled within. The entire picture is framed in a sanguine red and appears to have black blotches all over it.

You need help!

The photograph under the previous one is of a man in sitting in a light brown chair. The person sitting in the chair is a caucasian male wearing a white shirt and black pants. His hair is midnight black, and he appears to be smiling at the camera. His left arm is on the chair and his right arm is up to his face with his fingers closed in a fist. There is an off white speech bubble with the words you need help! in black above his head. There is a mahogany brown coffee table in front of him with a thick book that has a tuscan sun yellow spine, and white pages. Also on the coffee table is a pink box on top of white paper. The man appears to be sitting in front of two army green plants in black containers. The picture is framed in a orange ribbon that has a braided pattern to it. The frame surrounding the picture is a rectangle with a canary yellow background and a collection of multicolored orange dots.




Party Prep

The picture at the very bottom of the panel is a picture of three people. The person on the left is a caucasian women with long hair and bangs. She is wearing a navy blue sweater, and blue jean pants. She is leaning over to the person in the center of the picture with what appears to be a  makeup utensil in in her right hand. The person in the right of the photo is caucasian male with glasses, a beard and jet black hair. He is wearing a white shirt and white gloves. In his left hand he has a makeup utensil close to the face of the person in the middle of the picture. The person in the middle of the picture seems to be of middle eastern decent. He is wearing glasses and a black baseball cap with a white barbers cape over him. On his lap you can see a barbers shaving tool. The women on the left smiles at the camera, the man on the right has pursed lips, and the person in the middle has a smile. The picture takes place in front of a white door with black blinds. There is a bubblegum pink label under the picture that says Party prep! in black letters. Also on this label is the date 03/04/94 next to the words party prep! The picture is bordered in a ruby red rope with golden thread intersecting the coils. The whole picture is framed with a sanguine red rectangular piece of fabric with black blotches.





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