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Thick Description of Thick Panel

The panel is 6×3, which is the usual size of a panel at The Names project. Located on the upper left corner of it’s block. It is positioned vertically, and laid out like a banner.  It’s block number is 5959. This Block is new and hasn’t even been put in the system yet. Just like a banner is has symbols on it, each part representing a piece of the person the panel is about. The name RENARD is in big bold letters between to dates signifying the year and date of birth and of death. Each symbol is divided by a cross covered in a cow like print. The print is covered in jewels of many different colors. The very center of the cross has one big green jewel in it with a golden circle around it with a blue square beneath it.

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  • Mrs. A

    Re-reading this, what do you think about the writing here and the writing of your extended PSD? How is it different? Is it in some ways better? More precise? Or not? Why do you think so?

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